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This official merchandise for Iseunife also known as Shawnife, launched 2019, Lagos State.

Production and sales of merch is a joint effort among 3 parties. Acemax Clothings, HifyTech and Shawnife.

Acemax Clothings

Acemax Clothings is owned by Tobi Lasabi born 1997. It handles the manufacture of the garments of Theshawnmerch. Acemax Clothing works with reputable tailors and reliable materials.

HifyTech (HT)

HifyTech handles the branding of Theshawnmerch. This involves designing the merchandise and website. HifyTech was founded 2016 by Ife Falaye also know as Hify.

Ife Falaye, born 22nd of January 1996. Ife is mostly involved in entertainment and fine-art, working with influencers and artists around the world. He is also known as HifyTech Beats which is a child organization under HifyTech.


Shawnife is a young influencer who rose to fame with his trendy controversial tweets. Now he is involved in the branding and promotion of many known companies and reputable individuals. For a closer encounter with Shawnife, check out Hify’s interview with him

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Lagos, Nigera

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